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Amino Acid Foaming Wash  LAAN-01
Cleanses and purifies the skin and effectively reduces pigments and uneven skin tones. The active wh..
Anti-Acne Refreshing Cleansing Foam
Cleanses and removes excessive oil, clarifies the complexion and balances blemishes that target “T” ..
Anti-Acne Treatment
A spot treatment that reduces skin inflammation by killing bacteria, and helps heal wounds and pores..
Aqua Whitening Toner  LACL-03
~~ Suitable for all skin types Product Description A natural formula with protein extract..
Collagen Moisturizing Lotion
~~Product Description Containing vitamin E and linseed acid, it helps preventing the appearance..
$90.00 $80.00
Dramatically Different Cell Solution
Highly concentrated as an exclusive revitalizing treatment which provides a 'supportive' feel for ma..
Energy Delighting & Moisturizing Cream  LARE-07
~~ The international emulsifying technology and intelligent dimensional water retaining network t..
Flawless Moisturizing Concealer
~~ Suitable for all skin types    Product Description Instantly create cle..
Golden Cavier Anti-Wrinkle Cream
This product contains deep-sea roe collagen essence, the rich natural vitamin, which strengthen..
Golden Olive Oil Makeup Remover  LACL-02
ALL TYPE OF SKIN. Contain natural vegetal essential oil instantly package the colored make-up. With ..
Golden Rejuvenation and Beautifying Serum
Instantly replenish energy into skin, powerfully protect, moisturize and balance the pH value o..
Golden-Anti-Aging Moisturizing Day Cream
Contains a revolutionary complex to inhibit the formation of aging skin.  Moisturizes and brig..
Hydro-Flash Concentrated Essence
~~The active ingredient helps the skin to re-hydrate, regenerate and revitalizes dehydrated skin rap..
Hydro-Flash Toning Lotion
~~Special formula help to surface deep clean up and refresh and tone the skin ..
Intelligent Light Sensitive BB Cream   LACL-06
~~Replenish water, whiten and nourish skin, conceal blemish, regularize skin to moist state, intensi..
Intelligent Light Sensitive Invisible Foundation (Ivory)
~~ Suitable for all skin types (Dull-toned skin) Product Description Ideal to sculpt the ..
Intelligent Light Sensitive Invisible Foundation (Natural
~~ Suitable for all skin types (White-toned skin)    Product Description I..
Intensive Hydration Revitalizing Cream   LARE-10
It helps your skin to maintain its natural moisture by allowing an increased hydration in dry a..
Intensive Lifting and Firming Serum  LAAN-04
This lifting and firming serum helps to firmly resist the aging factor in our environment by activat..
Intensive Whiten-Moisturizing Day Cream
The hydrating lotion immediately provides a long lasting moisturizing effect. It helps to reduc..
Intensive Whiten-Regeneration Night Cream
The intensive hydrating ingredients of this cream help relaxing and  Reconstructing your skin&..
Intensive Whitening Beautifying Masks 10/BOX
This product can quickly penetrate into skin, inhibit the formulation of melanin, fade existed melan..
Intensive Whitening Moisturizing Lotion
The hydrating lotion immediately provides a long lasting moisturizing effect. It acts as a protectiv..
Intensive Whitening Moisturizing Serum
Contains a revolutionary phyto-whitening-extract, this serum helps to reduce pigmentation in skin to..
Invisible Hydration Mask - LARE-06
~~Help repair the damaged dermis cells, while strengthen and enhance the natural aqua locking factor..
~~ Suitable for all skin type Product Description This cleanser can mildly cleanse your skin an..
Oceanic Mineral Mud Facial Mask
The deep cleaning action purifies the skin by absorbing excessive sebum secretion and eliminates ski..
Oil-Free Hydro-Flash Solution
~~It has an immediate, hydrating capacity associated with a prolonged moisturizing effect. It provid..
Pore Minimizing & Repairing Serum
Penetrates into the pores and helps to reduce pore sizes as well as to repair and tighten ..
Pure Whitening Cleansing Milk
his product can pack and remove dirt with mild cleaning force and fine moisturizing foam so as to ma..
Pure Whitening Toning Lotion (Alcohol-Free)  - LAWH-02
This toning lotion assists in normalizing oily secretion and increasing moisture absorbency thr..
Purifying Toning Lotion
This toning lotion has convergence effect, can regulate the skin to maintain the balance of water an..
Refreshing & Refining Gel
Various herbal extract formulas can replenish Aqua necessary skin, relieve and calm down skin,..
Revitalizing Moisturzing Toning Lotion
A soothing and hydrating toning lotion gently restores your skin moisture after sun exposure an..
Seaweed Clarifying Facial Foam
~~This product has been specially made for the dehydrated, dry and rough skin. It can completely rem..
Skin Calming Cleansing Milk LACA-01
~~This product can help to reduce the sensitivity of your skin, relieve and provide long-term nouris..
~~This lotion is suitable for very sensitive and irritated skin. The lotion provides an immediate sm..
Skin-Calming Toning Lotion
~~The toner helps to repair damaged skin cells, regulates sebum secretion, and reduces appearance of..
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